Our Services

10.00am – A word orientated service.  Worship is organ led from Church
Hymnary, and follows a traditional format.

11.15am – A service with contemporary worship, led by our praise band and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Groups for children and youth happen during this service.

Joint services at Christmas, Easter and Dedication Sunday happen in the morning at 10.30am

Small Group Network 

A chance to meet up for fellowship, fun, prayer and bible study with others from the Church.  We currently have 3 small groups.  One meets on Monday evenings, one on Wednesday afternoons and one on Thursday evenings.  Each group meets in a member’s home and meets throughout the year.  The groups have recently used material from Willow Creek Community Church and the evangelist J John. If you are interested in joining a Small Group please speak to one of the


Every Burnfoot Home for Jesus

As a church we pray for every home within the community of Burnfoot using the Voters Roll.  This ensures that every individual and family are prayed for on a regular basis 


Prayer Diary 

Every month a prayer diary is produced and distributed highlighting different areas of the community to be prayed for each day throughout the month.  As we are aware that Burnfoot offers much more than housing we pray for businesses, education, councillors and voluntary organisations to name but a few.  Copies of this diary are available at the beginning of each month in the church.   In partnership with this there is a prayer board in the church.  Prayer requests can be added to this board to allow us to pray for specific needs.  There is also a space for testimonies of answered prayer - which are just as important as they can be a real encouragement to everyone.


Prayer Shawl Ministry 

Our prayer shawl team meet together to knit, crochet and pray.  Prayer shawls are distributed to those who are sick, bereaved or in need of a word of comfort and encouragement.  If you would like to be involved in creating shawls or know someone who would appreciate a visit and the gift of a shawl please contact us through the Contact Us page.leadership team.



The Guild

Our Guild meets in the hall of the Church on the last Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.


This session the theme is GO IN PEACE

27th Jan - Burns Supper

24th Feb - Mr Swanston - Slides

30th March - Rev C Van Staden (Hawick Elim Church)

         April - Spring Rally  Date and venue TBC

27th April- AGM and Social Evening Bring and Buy


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