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       Hi Everyone 


I think we have one main theme this month and that is the Revive Scotland event that is being held in Hawick on the edge of our own community at Brunton Park.


In the past, all the well documented revivals have started with prayer and I don’t think for a minute it’s any different now! 

We need to be praying in preparation for this event.


Jesus last instruction to His disciples was to go and make disciples of all nations (this was known as the great commission Matt 28v18/19) and this instruction still applies to us today. Our job is to tell people about Jesus, to share the gospel with them, to show them by how we live and behave just what Jesus has done for us and them. This is the purpose of this event … the sowing of the initial seeds. People may be prompted to accept Jesus immediately which is wonderful and what we would like to see happen but maybe these will be just the initial seeds that will take time to ‘germinate’. Whichever happens this first stage is the important one, then the watering and the harvesting is up to God and the Holy Spirit.




Psalm 96 v2/3 say … “Sing to the LORD; praise his name. Each day proclaim the good news that he saves. 

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.”           



The title and the lyrics of this song put it quite simply ….

Tell Somebody!

   Dear Church, remember me? 

'Cause You have something so beautiful 

Something that I need 

You have something so beautiful 

I wish you would have told me 

So come on and 

Tell somebody about Jesus 

And all the great things He has done 

Where would I be if He had not rescued me? 

Come on and tell somebody …


… If I was dying, and you had a cure 

Brother, would you help me? 

Sister, would you help me? 

Well the world is dying, and there is a Cure 

There's a Hope that's deep within us 

One thing I know for sure 

There's a Hope that's deep within us 

And this I know for sure 

That we got to 

Tell somebody about Jesus … 



The actual dates for this event are Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th but before that there will be all the preparations and meetings to be covered with prayer, so there are plenty of things to pray about ….


Pray for the Holy Spirit to be working in people’s hearts and minds preparing the ground for them to hear the words that are sung or spoken at the event. 


Pray that they will not be prevented in any way from being able to attend.


Pray for all the speakers, leaders, organisers and helpers that they will be protected and led by the Holy Spirit in all they do and say.


As this is an outdoor event pray that there will be good weather both leading up to and during the times when teams will be on the streets handing out leaflets and talking to people.


Pray for all the churches, that they will be equipped and ready to receive people who respond to the message and want to know Jesus.


While we are focusing on this event let’s not forget our own church and give thanks for the news that we are not closing and there are plans to try and move things forward for us in a positive way. 


Pray that God will move in power in our church and community over the coming weeks that needs will be met, illnesses healed, relationships restored and many will have new beginnings opening up in their lives.


Also remember the messy church being held on the 12th of this month.


As always if there are any specific needs please let us know.


God Bless you all. 




If you would like more information on Revive Scotland and their events check out their website  


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