Hawick Burnfoot Church

A congregation of the Church of Scotland

Our Leadership Team:

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Our Minister is Rev Charles Finnie

Hi there, and welcome to the website for Hawick: Burnfoot Church.  We hope you might find something useful here, that enables you to be encouraged.

We are entering new days here, for I am about to leave and take up another set of congregations in another part of Scotland.  I shall be leaving towards the end of June.  

I have been here for 22 years and have been delighted to participate in what has gone here.  Together we have seen some great highs and some lows, have seen people come to faith, and people move on in faith too.  There has been the development of new ministry opportunities and I have been privileged enough to be able to work alongside several community agencies and organisations during that time.  

New things.  For me to go to another part of Scotland, and for the congregation here to find a new way to minister while they do not have a minister in the short term and immediate future.  Whatever happens long term that will be new too - a new minister or a shared ministry.

The church in Burnfoot are the many people who live here who have faith.  The church, therefore, is still able to be a support, an encouragement, a resource for children and young peoples activities, and the provider of a place of worship for all who would like to do that locally.

Newness is a constant running theme through the expression of Christian faith, and it would not be hard to find that “new” thing in the days and weeks and months, if not years, which lie ahead.

Rev C Finnie 

Session Clerk: Ms M Webb

Treasurer: Mrs J Short

Fabric Convenor/H& S:  Mr R Swinton

Social Convenor Mrs E Millar

Elders:  Mr W Beattie

             Mr R S Elliot

             Mrs L Finnie

             Mrs C Hogsflesh

             Miss M Kerr

             Mrs E Millar

             Mrs M Shields

             Mrs J Short

             Mr R Swinton

             Ms M Webb

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