Hawick Burnfoot Church

A congregation of the Church of Scotland

We are located in Burnfoot Housing Estate in Hawick, which is the largest in the Scottish Borders. 

This estate was built on the site of the former Burnfoot and Burnhead farms, with work starting in 1949, and building continuing into the early 70's as the estate increased in size. Our church was planted into this community over 50 years ago as the estate was established.

Burnfoot is a busy housing estate with a large, diverse poulation and a strong sense of community.  We have a Community Primary School, Community Hub, which includes cafe, food initiatives and soft play, shops, take away, pharmacy and a post office.  An area of industrial units on the outskirts of Burnfoot house both local and national businesses.

We are currently in a time of vacancy, following a 22 year journey with our last Minister.  The leadership team, with our Interim Moderator, continue to prayerfully look to the next step of our journey as a church and are excited by the new possibilities that exist for us as we look to the future.  We trust that God has a plan!


Interim Moderator: Rev R Wilson

Session Clerk: Mr R S Elliot

Treasurer: Mrs J Short

Fabric Convenor/H& S:  Mr R Swinton

Social Convenor Mrs E Millar

Elders:  Mr W Beattie

             Mr R S Elliot

             Mrs C Hogsflesh

             Miss M Kerr

             Mrs E Millar

             Mrs M Shields

             Mrs J Short

             Mr R Swinton

             Ms M Webb

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