Hawick Burnfoot Church

A congregation of the Church of Scotland

Our Leadership Team:

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Our Minister is Rev Charles Finnie


… and welcome to our website for Hawick: Burnfoot Church. We hope you find it useful and that it might tell you something of what we do here.

What do we do?

Simply, we exist to share the story of Jesus with people of all generations.  We do that through Girls’ Brigade, Boys’ Brigade, Friday Night Fever, Munchers, The Bridge, The Guild.  We share the story in our different services at Church on Sunday’s.  We do it through our daily living with neighbours, friends, relations and workmates that we come across.  That also means that where we in our lives participate in community groups and agencies, we are still sharing the story of Jesus. - a story of life poured out in the service of others, sacrificially.  It is what we hope to be doing.

We believe that for all the good that we do, we are only able to do so because God has done good things for us – and continues to do so.  The remarkable thing is that when we talk about “us”, God’s good is not just for those who go to church already but is also for those who do not.

If you know the story of Jesus - welcome.

If you do not know the story of Jesus - welcome.

Session Clerk: Ms M Webb

Treasurer: Mrs J Short

Fabric Convenor/H& S:  Mr R Swinton

Social Convenor Mrs E Millar

Elders:  Mr W Beattie

             Mr R S Elliot

             Mrs L Finnie

             Mrs C Hogsflesh

             Miss M Kerr

             Mrs E Millar

             Miss A Milligan

             Mrs M Shields

             Mrs J Short

             Mr R Swinton

             Ms M Webb

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